Carter Afb 3258s

This chart includes what we know about the original size and part numbers for the Carter AFB carburetor jets and step up rod (metering rod). Focusing on a curated group of X Carb for sale on the internet. Carter 4-Barrel Reference Numbers (CFM ratings listed where available) AMERICAN MOTORS: 1966 290 Rogue, Rebel Carter AFB 4250: 1966 290 Carter AFB 6045 : 1967 290 Carter AFB 6045 : 1967 290 American, Classic Carter AFB 4352 : 1967 290 American S/T Carter AFB 4353 : 1967 343 Carter AFB 6046 : 1967 343 Export (R. Weber Carburetor Specialist Many parts and Kits for Weber carbs,Edelbrock,Holley,Demon,Rochester,DCOE,IDF,DGV,DGEV. 300H Carbs Carter AFB 3258S (front), 3259S (rear) (3084S on optional 405 HP engine) Back. The unit that Mr. Replace the 3 with a 0, i. com 2 Carter AFB 4-barrel 3258S carburetor:. The 'first' specially calibrated Carter AFB Carburetor for a single 4-Barrel engine. The air cleaners were supplied by Stellings. 3258S , 3259S Carb Kit Number CRK-6214A is a Carburetor kit for CHRYSLER 8 CYL 1963 383 ENG HI PERF(2 CARBS) C-4 CARTER AFB for sale from The Carburetor Refactory. Ford used single Carter AFB's in 1957 through 1959 until Carter refused to make anymore of the inferior and troublesome vacuum secondary carbs Ford wanted instead of Carter's superior standard airvalve carbs. More complete and better fitting. Elle le fait par l'acheminement des vapeurs de carter arrière de la tubulure d'admission. Now, this AFB was 'advertised' at 500 CFM. Please check the carburetor number to ensure this is the correct kit. The fuel log was also unique to this intake/carb setup. AFB jets are usually stamped with the jet part number where 120- is the part number and the last 3 numbers is the jet size. html" target="_blank">